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This a concrit post for my current muse Rhode  Camelot. Is there something about here that strike you as off? Is she too nice? Is she not creepy enough?  Perhaps, she is  too sane or something  else? Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Feel free to comment her in case you want to plot with this crazy chick.

All comments are screened.

Anonymous comments are allowed

IP Address Logging is off.


Permission Post~

Friendship: Friends? It's more  likely that  Rhode will want to make your muse into her plaything/toy. Not to mention, she tends to "play" rough so all her toys. So, all her toys tend to "break" rather easily. Not to mention, she sometimes enjoys breaking her "toys". The only time you are exempt is  if you share her love of blood, sadism, torturing others and sweets. Even then, there might be a chance  that she  might end up killing just because she wants to.  For the most part, it's mostly likely get along well with her. But be forewarned she doesn't  share her toys with any body.

Romance: Again, her falling in love with someone is impossible. Besides, she already "loves" Allen. Other than that, the only people she truly cares and loves are her family. In other words, the Noah. You dare to harm any of her family and you might as well say good-bye to your life.

Physical affection/Bad touch: Feel free to bad touch if you dare, she's likely to react badly. By react badly, I mean tear your character's mind into a million of pieces before crucifying them in a public place. As for physical affection, it likely you'll be on the receiving end. The only people she allows to give her physical affection is her family. (Well, except the twins. They could stay three feet away from her. J/k, J/k. She loves Jasdero and Debitt...No, really she does...Serious, they're family....)

Fighting: Rhode enjoys a good fight  once in a while.  But for  the most part, she play with her opponents until she good and ready to fight them.  The only time she will be serious in a fight is if you hurt her family.

Killing: It is nearly impossible for a non-Exorcist to kill a Noah since they regenerate. But  feel  free to  try and kill her. You won't get very far...Unless, you like pain then that's a different story.

Fourthwalling: Haha. Go ahead. She more likely to be amused by this.

Threadjacking: I'm okay with it. Just don't threadjack threads the are marked private. If you want to hack into a private thread please PM me or IM me. Depending on the situation, I might allow the hacking.

Can I hack her journal?: Go ahead? Just be warned, Rhode is not a nice girl when angered.

Can she hack into my journal?: Nope, she can't. She has no idea how to do such a thing.

Telepathy?: Feel free to try! Rhode has a bit of telepathy herself so if you try to pry into her mind, she pry into yours~ Also, she a Noah. Her mind if filled with madness, blood, destruction etc. Would you really want to check that kind of mind. 


Click this at your own risk! Rhode mun is not responsible for any possible trauma...Thank you. Remember to tip your server!Collapse ) 

IC Contact Post

File:PokéGear HGSS f.png

Oh~ Hello~ I'm not here right now. I might answer back depending on who you are ♥

[Feel free to leave TEXT, AUDIO, VIDEO response. Rhode will answer them when she feels like it]
[Are you really brave enough to walking at this time of night? As you walk down the street, you would meet with a pair of bright blue eyes staring at you from the darkness. These eyes are unnatural shade of blue which almost seem to glow. A faint sound of giggling can be heard from he darkness.Then again, it could be your imagination.

Suddenly, the Pokemon steps out from the shadows. It slowly rises up into the air, the eyes grow brighter in the moonlight. It has no face, but it almost seems to be smiling sinisterly. A figure steps out of the shadows, giggling with childlike glee, dressed in a Team Rocket uniform. The hat seems to be riding low on their head. If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of a golden catlike eye]

This place is so boring~ All the people here are so nice, it annoying. There hardly anyone fun about. Hmmph! I hate it here. Though, I've found a nice little friend to play with~ Isn't he precious~ He likes the games that I sometimes play...Now, that you're here, you can play a game with us!

[The person let's out a delighted giggle before turning to stare them down]

Unless, you're too afraid to battle us~

[ooc: Rhode wants to play~ She gotten her hands on a Darkrai and itching to send people into a world of nightmare. Feel free to state whether you  want to battle against her and win/lose. Feel free to run away after the battle or experience a nightmare. ]


[Rhode is clearly sulking. Avice is stand of to the side watching his Trainer warily. He knows things happens when his trainer is either bored or sulking. Suddenly, she cheers up and picks up her PokeGear]

I saw this rather adorable Pokemon today. It was black and purple, had a necklace and looked like a ghost. I think it's called a Misdreavus. I could only find a bit of information on the Pokedex. Is there anyone here who knows a bit more about this creature?


[The echoing sound of footsteps and humming can be heard. The occasional sound of a Zubat in the background is occasionally head. The humming gradually becomes louder before someone begins to sing]

The first Alice was a woman of the Spade,
Who couragisly held a sword in her hand,
Chopped down anything in her way
of making a red path for herself,

That Alice was brought deep into the forest,
locked in as the sinner,
In addition to the way of the forest,
her life was unknown

Flooon! Driffloon! Driffdriff Looo- [The sound of someone gently smacking the rage Pokemon]

I'm not going to trip Lero~ Besides, if I do, you carry me back to the inn. Won't you?~

...Floooon...[The Pokemon agrees with a rather defeat sigh]

[Rhode let out a tiny giggle before patting her Pokemon]

You're such a good Pokemon, Lero! Come on. Let's finish exploring the Ruins~

[The Pokemon let's out a rather irritated Floon. Rhode once again begins to sing the little song]

The second Alice was a man of the Diamond,
He tamely sang a song in Wonderland~~

[ooc: Replies shall be a bit slow. The song is called Alice Human Sacrifice. Here is the link to the video is your curious]
[The video switches on. At the moment, at you can see is Route 32.]

-vice! You nearly made me trip. Hmph! I swear if you do that again, I'll smack you with my purse.


[The sound of grass rustling can be heard as Rhode moves off the path to investigate. The camera is jostled before it drops to the ground. It is only then we can see what is happening]

L-Let go of me!
[You can see Rhode attempting to free herself from the grip of man dressed in black. As she struggle to free herself, the Rocket withdraws a length of rope. Then, Avice attacks the Rocket from the right and let's go of Rhode. She let's out a small cry of pain as she tumbles to the forest ground. The man curses as the Sneasel continues to attack. Luckily, he manages to hit the Pokemon across the head. Avice, suddenly, collapses to the ground]

No, Avice! [The Rocket turns his attention to Rhode's bag. Both the Rocket and the girl grab it and begin an impromptu tug-o-war for the bag. He let's out a growl of annoyance before pushing the girl. Due to the pushes, she loses her grip on her bag and sent tumbling down. It can't be seen, since his cap is pulled low, but he's grinning. He opens the bag, withdraws a Pokéball and examines it. The sound of gum popping can be heard.

Suddenly, a blur of purple and the Rocket let's go off the bag. The sound of clothes ripping and a cry off pain. Avice is standing with his claws out and ready to attack. Instead off attacking, the Rocket, with Pokéball in hand, flees from the area. ]

Wait, Avice! [The Pokémon runs after the culprit. Rhode tries to stands but let's out a hiss of pain. Instead, the girl sits there. It looks like she's trying not to try. She stiffens when the grass rustles. Thankfully, it's only Avice coming back with an angry look in his face. He trots over to his trainer who immediately grabs him. She holds him closes and quietly sobs into his fur. Avice tries to console his distressed trainer]

[ooc: Believe it or not. This whole scene was actually staged...But, feel free to "console" the poor terrified girl]

3rd Dream - [Accidental Video]

[Rhode has settled herself somewhere in the vicinity of the window. The girl is letting her head rest across her folded arms. Nearby, her Sneasel watches it trainer with a curious stare. As he can't really tell what kind of mood, it just just stands there. The young girl hums for a little while before turning to her Pokemon]

It's raining~ How boring! [There is a visible frown on her face] It's not quite fair. The moment we reached this place it began to pour! [Rhode is clearly whining and then proceeds throw a small fit before flopping backwards. She is pouting and her arms are crossed. It doesn't seem to matter to her that her closes have become quite wrinkled]

There is nothing to do! We can't explore the city since we have no umbrella. All the books they have here are boring. Hmph! Perhaps, we should find a way to entertain ourselves. What do you think Avice? 

[The Sneasel, looking equally as bored, shrugs it shoulders. It doesn't look at all impressed by his trainers whining. Rhode glares at her Sneasel and let out a small "harrumph'.]

You're no help.

[ooc: Rhode is in arrived in Violet early in the morning and barely avoided the rain. But, now she is stuck indoors and bored to death. If you at the in feel free to approach...or stave of her boredom?]

Pokemon Info

- 1 Team Rocket Official Uniform [Kept folded and out of sight most time}
-- 3 changes of undergarments
-- 1 12oz bottle of liquid soap (this can double as laundry detergent)
-- 1 8oz bottle of shampoo; 1 8oz bottle of conditioner
-- 1 washcloth, 2 towels (one small, one larger), 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste
-- Trail Mix
-- Team Rocket Guide
- Letter from Boss : Thrown Away

-- 1 PokéGear
-- 5 Potions
-- 1 Repel, 1 MaxRepel
-- 1 Escape Rope
-- 5 4 PokéBalls (+2 Extras stolen from Youngster)
-- P15,000 (+500 Again: Stolen from Youngster)

Additional items
-- Stolen Lady outfit
--2 Berries (found)
-- Candy!


  Sentret egg found floating outside. Will hatch in 4 3 2 1 Days! Hatched!

Pokemon TeamCollapse )

On Rhode and her Pokemon:

Rhode doesn't know how long she will stay in this wold. She is essentially powerless and human. She hates the feeling of helplessness that come with being human. She knows the Pokemon are key to her survival...At least, until she returns home or manages to regain her powers (Both of which are unlikely to happen)

Rhode doesn't abuse her Pokemon. She knows it will end up being counterproductive. They aren't like Akuma who are mindless and come in unlimited supplies. Instead, she find a way to manipulate them in being loyal to her. Along with the subtle manipulation, she encourages certain behavior that most would try to eliminate from their Pokemon. (Stealing, cheating etc.

When they meet her expectations
: Rhode spoils them. From the money she has gained from both battling and stealing, she treats them with their favorites food, Pokemon treats and many other things. She will praise them and be a bit more affectionate toward them. She might even give them a few extra luxuries. In short, she will treat her Pokemon like precious doll when the please her

When they fail:
Instead of outright abuse, she still cares for them. Just not as well persay. She still feeds them and all. But, perhaps the food they are give is a bit bland, a bit to cold or a bt to hot. Should they approach for attention, she will simply pat their head but otherwise ignore them in favor of another. Once she thinks they've gotten through their head not to fail, she will lavish them with abit more attention. Until, she goes back treating like she normally does.

Normally: She treat them like pets. Though, she does tend to pick on Lero simply for amusement. It seeems to get very annoyed when she constantly rides him when bored or for fun.

Cuz all the Cool Kids are doing it

I thought I would be able to keep track of it on my own. But, each day, Route seems to grow bigger and bigger! It's not a bad thing, but it makes tracking CR a lot more difficult. Not to mention, I have a tendency to have derp moments/blonde moments. Plus, as the title says, all the cool kids are doing it...DON'T YOU WANT TO BE COOL? /is shot

The current CR Post

But, leave a comment here if you're character has interacted with Rhode. They, shall soon be added to the LIST OF DOOM CR Post. >:3